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Fatmagul episode 15

Thanks for the notes ; can u please when u have time translate the 3 episode, thanks in advance. Thanx a lot!!!! I like the Middle Eastern style of food, though it takes much time and effort, and the Turkish looks like it a lot.

Thanks and kisses. Turkish, greek, Lebanese and many arab countries have very similar food. Thanks for these notes, Erkan and Melek.

The notes and photos are wonderful. I loved coming home to Uskudar from work on the European side because at night the Bosphorus bridge has lights that change color every few seconds.

It's so beautiful to watch. As for Turkish food, it is unspeakably exquisite - so healthy and pure and so delicious. Turkish cuisine is considered one of the finest in the world.

I've been back in Canada for 3 years and i can't eat the food here and everyday i dream of turkish food. There are now cooking classes for tourists who come to Istanbul and want to learn more about this and the classes are often offered by very good chefs. I pray that turkish women don't start buying packaged and prepared foods there. Thanks for the notes. Istanbul is a beautiful city is all turkish television stations in Istanbul? A Turkish recipe for growing hair from my turkish friend - Mix tons of garlic with black sesame seeds and olive oil and cover your head with it.

Leave it on overnight. It works, she said, and you would also know who your real friends are :. A huge difference between north america, where california produce is available all year round but is completely tasteless, and Turkiye is that turkish produce is seasonal, something which at first shocked me but i felt deprived for only a split second until i tasted a turkish peach and turkish tomatoes for the very first time.

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Vay vay vay : : : Every season became so exciting because of the new produce :. WOW this delicious food makes one hungry.

I would like to make a great compliment to the translators for their excellent job. Just by ocasion I came to see this wonderful series on youtube and was immediately drawn in.

Fatmagul – Episode 14

I don't speak Turkish therefore I'm so glad to have found your blog and thankful to finally understand the dialogues. One question: how many episodes is this series going to show? I have looked everywhere for this information and I immagine that in Turkish sites it's given Thanks for letting me know. Looking forward for the next episode. Thank u for your notes i always read them,I am from Greece and we have so many things in common,the "meze" is the same,the dolma we call dolmades ,and the raki we call "ouzo".Season 1 2 3 Season 1.

S01 E01 Episode 1. S01 E02 Episode 2. S01 E03 Episode 3. S01 E04 Episode 4. S01 E05 Episode 5. S01 E06 Episode 6. S01 E07 Episode 7. S01 E08 Episode 8. S01 E09 Episode 9. S01 E10 Episode S01 E11 Episode S01 E12 Episode S01 E13 Episode S01 E14 Episode S01 E15 Episode S01 E16 Episode S01 E17 Episode S01 E18 Episode S01 E19 Episode S01 E20 Episode S01 E21 Episode S01 E22 Episode S01 E23 Episode S01 E24 Episode S01 E25 Episode S01 E26 Episode S01 E27 Episode S01 E28 Episode S01 E29 Episode S01 E30 Episode S01 E31 Episode S01 E32 Episode S01 E33 Episode S01 E34 Episode S01 E35 Episode S01 E36 Episode S01 E37 Episode S01 E38 Episode S01 E39 Episode Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Kindly continue to upload episodes. Awesome work. I've been searching for the series with English subtitles for so long.

Thank you. Thank you so so much!

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You have uploaded half of the series so quickly. May God bless you :. I know this is not related to Fatmagul but can you please upload Ask Laftan Anlamaz with English subtitles? Thanks guys for the samples of fondness I read all the comments.

My respect to all. Thanks for uploading episodes. I request you to upload all the episodes till I request u. God bless. Why cant we see episode You are doing an awesome job, thank you. I just have one question: is there any chance you could upload the episodes in HD?

I want to thank you so much for these episodes, I have so much enjoyed them. I have been under a great deal of stress, and I can relax while watching these.

Again my thanks to you. May you be blessed. Thanks so much for all of this! I thought there were 80 episodes in the series, how come it's 82 now?? Thanks again! Not able to play episodes. What a beautiful story.

Its a must watch for all. As i watch im learning Turkish too. Thanks a lot for uploading. Keep that going. Thank you so much for uploading fatmagul's episodes with English subtitles God bless you :. Thank you so much. I can't believe you already finished the entire series. You did an amazing job. Je regarde fatmagul en ce moment.Fatmagul — Fatmagul is beautiful, innocent and naive, she is engaged to her childhood sweetheart Mustafa and is looking forward to their marriage.

One night, after their engagement ceremony, three young men catch her as she is leaving Mustafa and start to play around with her. They never think that the joke will turn into a rape in reality. But later, the trio begins to rape her, one by one. Mustafa breaks off their engagement and even worse, in order to save the honour of her family she is forced to marry one of the rapists…. Director: Kerem Catay. Year:, Home Series Fatmagul. Turn off light Report.

Options 1. Duration: minutes Quality: HD Year:, IMDb: 5. More Turkish Series For You. HD Kizim. HD Afili Ask. HD Tatli Intikam. HD Cocuk. HD Seviyor Sevmiyor. HD Sahane Damat. HD Kizlarim Icin.TV Schedule. Sign In. Season: 1 2. Add Image S1, Ep1. Error: please try again.

fatmagul episode 15

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image S1, Ep2. Add Image S1, Ep3. Add Image S1, Ep4. Add Image S1, Ep5. Add Image S1, Ep6.

fatmagul episode 15

Add Image S1, Ep7. Add Image S1, Ep8. Add Image S1, Ep9. Add Image S1, Ep Witnessing Kerim's confession to Ebe Nine, Fatmagul is shocked; making her for the first time question Kerim's motive.

fatmagul episode 15

The Yasaran family are uneasy with the unexpected turn of events. Being the new partner to the Yasaran Holding, Erdogan unleashes his wrath to his uncle Resat; leaving him with no alternative but to play a deadly mouse-hunt game with him.

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While Kerim tries to get closer to Fatmagul she announces she wants an official divorce; Mukaddes in turn changes events. Fatmagul seeks refuge from Asu, while Kerim searches for her. With Mukaddes' help news of Fatmagul reaches the Yasaran Family. Mustafa seeks Asu after she repeatedly refuses her calls, coming with a bouquet of flowers to her door step.

Fatmagul is a door away from Mustafa. Asu decides to call Fatmagul's family to protect everyone. Fatmagul learns Asu's real identity, leaving before Kerim arrives.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Series watched list. Turkish Series. Great tv series watched. Share this page:. Clear your history.Hide ads with VIP. Kanal D. Mark as watched. Season 2. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6.

Fatmagülün Suçu Ne 15.Bölüm Fatmagül Kerim Sahneler

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fatmagul episode 15

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Fatmagul season 2 episode 15

Best VPN What is My Phone Number. TV Guide. Anime Guide. Terms of Service.We are in Istanbul now and we are desperately looking forward to seeing any of the actors of this great serial. Pls tell us if you know any of the locations! Thank You so much!!

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I love the turkish culture and thank you for promoting it for the people from other countries. This was a great episode.

I wasn't expecting the ending but obviously if this show is going to have numerous amount of episodes they need the drama. Anyway, thanks for the translations. You both are doing a great job. For those of you that are as obsessed with this show as I am here is a summary for episode 16 from a reliable source. Happy New Year to all of you. However, it will be hard to ask for help when he is keeping the truths from the police. When Meltem hears this news, events are thoroughly mixed.

While they are waiting anxiously at home and looking for her. She is finally so scared. Erkan Thank you for your translation, I hope u and melek spent a happy holiday great Episode mukaddes This woman is the queen of part 1 with her confusing personality I donot Know If she's Jealous of Fatima or fear for here interest At the same time Kerem the gifts Scene when he turn off the lights it's so sadit's hard to love someone who doesn't love you And doesn't accept u.

Erkan: Thank You so much. I just hope Asu and her friend don't pressure Fatmagul to work for them, that would be a shame. Thanks Aida. Just some thoughts after reading the comments I was also wondering which part of Uskudar they lived in and kept looking to see if anything was familiar. I lived in Baglarbasi area of Uskudar : I'm glad someone asked about this. I can imagine how scary it must be for turkish villagers to move to Istanbul.

Even i found it unsettling just to cross the Bosphorus sstrait to the other side.


Turks told me they feel the same : I'm starting to see Mukaddes in a more empathetic light, even though she is so evil. She also has lost many dreams and so she takes revenge on others. I'm starting to think it's impossible to hate anyone in this series except the Yasarans. They're all so complex and their actions and feelings are often a result of traditional culture as in the example of Mustafa.

He acts this way toward Fatmagul because of social values and loyalty to his family, something that's so strong there. Hi everyone!

Here is the translation for the second trailer for bolum 16 from another site. But you are carrying remorse and a guilty conscience. Now tell me whose burden is heavier to carry?? Mukaddes - He does not say my sister is a hussy but he shamelessly blames me. Munir: what if the girl slips up and tells the truth? Asu - what about your ex fiance? I think the scene who Fatmagul crying Fragman 16 0,08 is after he saw Mustafa with the Flower in the door.

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